High Speed Load Former

The WSA Tri-Zone Load Former was designed specifically for the latest high speed flexo folder gluers and is installed on the likes of MHI Evol and ISOWA Falcon machines which run at speeds of up to 400 boxes per minute. The unique design minimizes all cycle times over a conventional load former and allows for the fastest load discharge times in the industry. Maximum sustained running speeds can be achieved even when running a one up or one by two bundle stacking pattern.

The Tri-Zone Load Former features all plastic belt transfer conveyor for maximum load stability, a user friendly touch screen operator interface with full bundle line controls, an air transfer table , and is available in sizes of 1500mm x 1800mm, 1800 x 1800mm, and 1800 x 2100mm with maximum stack heights up to 2300mm. This model can also be equipped with an optional pallet un-stacking and infeed delivery system. Contact WSA to learn how to maximize the productivity of your new Flexo Folder Gluer with our High Speed Load Former solution.
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