Compact Top Print Prefeeder

High Speed Top Print Compact Style Prefeeder designed with a smaller footprint and rated at a speed of 450 spm. This model was specifically designed for today’s high speed miniline and midsize top print FFG’s which run up to 27,000 bpm. We invert the entire stack in one motion and belt feed a continuous stream of corrugated sheets into the machine hopper. The extendo conveyor can store over 2 stacks of material which gives us a much greater buffer compared to traditional operations. We have this machine currently running on MHI Evol, Bobst 8.20, LMC and other similar machines.

  • Auxiliary Stack Separation and Centering Zone with high walled centering device
  • Stack Inverter with vacuum control of bottom sheet
  • Bottom Sheet Waste Discharge system for only removing the bottom sheet
  • Deck Snubbing Wheels for control of sheets entering press hopper
  • Fully Automatic Setup interfaced with Press
  • Color Touch Screen Operator Interface with complete machine diagnostics.
  • Automatic Bottom Sheet Waste Discharge to Operator Side
  • Allen Bradley (or Omron) PLC
  • SICK Safety Sensors
  • All name brand and commercially available components.
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